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Women's Leather Clothes and TeddiesLeather teddy with chains.Leather teddies and babydolls and other studded fetish clothes.

Men's Leather Wear

Men's leather thong with zipper.

Men's leather thongs, pouches, g-strings and other sexy wear and clothes for men.

Leather Bra and Thong

Mesh leather bra and thong.

Leather bras, thongs, g-strings, garters and sets.

Long Leather Gloves

Studded leather gloves.

Sexy gloves.

Leather Fetish Wear

Woman with cat mask on.

Masks, paddles,hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, and collars. restraints and fun wear for adults.

Women's Leather Corsets

Black zip up corset.

Women's sexy and wild corsets.
vests and thong sets.

Adult Toys

Leather Fetish

Women's Leather Corsets

Leather Bra and Thong

Long Leather Gloves

Leather Teddies

Men's Leather Wear

Leather Clothes and Fetish Wear

Shipping is $7 for orders up to $100, and Free for orders over $100. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for Delivery.

We have a wide variety of sexy leather clothing and sexy fetish wear. Please feel free to bookmark us as we are constantly adding new and unusual leather clothes.
We cater those people who like to live on the wild side and have a little fun in leather fetish wear. Some of you out there just dabble in it for a little extra excitement while others of you live the life style. We try to carry some leather clothing for whatever your needs and desires are. Please feel free to look around and bookmark us as we are constantly adding new fetish items and updating our web site as these new items are added to our growing inventory. When our leather clothes is shipped and delivered to you the package has our company name Wild Web Products so as not to embarrass any of you. We wouldn't want to cause any wonderment or nervousness from the delivery man or woman. LOL